Some useful links

A recording from me on the challenges you may be presented with when adopting a street dog

A dogs diet can impact behaviour, a species appropriate food should be chosen, as good a quality as possible

A great 'force free' handbook to help new dog owners, e-book, well worth the low cost 

Whole Dog Journal article on building a dogs confidence which can help with a generally nervous dog

Some dogs need to be given plenty of distance and yellow dog products help with this

Clicker Training and much more from Karen Pryor, all force free training and many great articles. Clicker Training can really help

Teach your dog how to relax, and use a mat, useful in many scenarios, teaching the dog to rest is as important as all the activity training

Help with muzzle training, all dogs should feel comfortable wearing a muzzle even if not normally needed

An introduction to ACE freework, learn what your dog enjoys and how they react to environmental enrichment

A group who will support owners of reactive dogs and have huge amounts of helpful resources

Whole Dog Journal has a lot of good training articles, loose lead walking is important to teach. Also teach STAY, LEAVE and RECALL thoroughly.

Soundcloud - Settling in guidance for Rescue Dog from Last Chance Rescue (3-3-3)

Great article on decompression walks

Susan Garrett - ideas for training at home, a great trainer

Help engagement and confidence with pattern games

Lots of great videos from kikopup