About Bark 2 Talk 

Currently my service is only available to friends and colleagues and through the free-of-charge rescue back-up service provided by the rescue Nutmeg came from (although donations to the rescue will always be appreciated). All advice will be force-free, stress-free and pain-free backed by my experience, and extensive training which will be ongoing providing current science-backed advice.

All consultations are done by virtual calls (phone or video call). I may ask for videos of behaviours taken in a natural setting. Virtual calls are often best as we can see the dog's normal behaviour in videos, not the behaviour shown when someone strange is around them. 

'Bark 2 Talk' is saying we start by listening to the dog, what is he/she telling us, and we turn that into something the carer understands, we bridge the gap between the dogs language and ours. By understanding the dog's emotions, and reasons for the behaviours we can address the issues.

Core Experience:

  • Level5 qualified with ISCP in canine behaviour with additional qualifications from Compass training, and certificate from ISCP on separation related behaviours. Continued Personal Development is ongoing.

  • Owner of 2 rescue dogs, one of whom has been more challenging and I have learnt hugely from helping her.

  • Two years volunteering with a Romanian rescue UK based support team: homechecks, settling-in advice and where necessary follow-up support calls done to resolve issues. 75 dogs successfully homed in UK.

  • Currently volunteering with Romania and UK rescue providing support calls as part of rescue back-up service for adopters.

  • Level 5 qualified in leadership and management for 'people' skills.

Issues covered (examples):

Separation related issues, reactivity (dogs and people), minor aggression, resource guarding, dogs and cats, mouthing, lack of calm, destructive behaviour, barking, general anxiety, improving engagement, basic training needs, addressing stress build-up, settling a new dog.

10 Core Business principles: the mission is 'to care about you and your dog, understand the issues and teach you and your dog how to live a better life together':


  1. Force-free always, positive reward based training, ethical and kind. I would not work with anyone who could not embrace this. No judgement on past training methods, we just look to how to move forwards positively.

  2. Collaborative with the carers, we need to work together to achieve a great outcome for the dog. Carers should recognise that the hard work lies with them, just engaging a behaviourist changes nothing, they will need to put in the effort, and potentially make changes in their approach and lifestyle which we would need to agree on together.


  1. I will focus on rescue dogs where I have experience.

  2. I am a qualified Canine Behaviourist, diploma from a leading, science-backed, up-to-date provider of behaviourist training. Education is however ongoing and I will seek to keep up to date with new research.

  3. You won't get any Alpha Dog nonsense, dogs do not try to be the Alpha Dog in our homes, this can be explained.


  1. Understanding the emotions behind the behaviours and addressing root causes not just symptoms. Most behaviours are normal, just not what the carer would like, by exploring the dog's emotions and reasons for doing the behaviour the situation can be helped.

  2. No false promises: some issues take time and effort to work on but there will always be actions we can take immediately to start the process of change.

  3. We would look at specific training to help the dog but also how we lead by example and care for the dog day to day. Promoting a great life for the dog, allowing it to fit in with the carers lifestyle while still being a happy and fulfilled dog.

  4. Understand not every dog is the same and what works for one may not for another so a number of strategies will be explored to find the right answer for 'this dog'.

  5. A holistic approach, everything in the dogs life can be of influence. Where possible we would look at natural approaches although medical assistance could be an answer. All dogs should be vet checked to rule out or understand pain related issues.

Dog Behaviourist. Online, Midlands, Warwickshire, Leicestershire. Rescue dogs. Force-free, positive training.